Vice President

OwnerIQ, Inc.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working as a peer at the executive level with Michael for the last 2+ years at OwnerIQ.The one main theme that resides within Michael’s skill set is his ability to consistently make things happen that others cannot. Michael’s group is given the toughest sales tasks within the organization, taking products and concepts to market that do not have an established market or buyer/need. Time and time again, under multiple product/service changes, Michael delivers establishing long term partnerships with the world’s top brands, manufacturers and retailers.I’ve seen the company try to hire others to replicate his activity but to date none have been able to match his productivity. His Rolodex of clients is large and his clients praise him with accolades.” February 23, 2012, Michael Ouellette, Vice President, Audience and Publisher Development, OwnerIQ, Inc.

“I’ve (on behalf of my client Harbor Freight Tools) have been working with Michael (Owner IQ) for almost two years now. We were early in a new website launch and were interested in growing our new customer acquisition using OIQs technology platform and advertising model. I was extremely impressed with Michael’s collaborative spirit towards creating a strategic partnership that was in the best interest of both parties, but with the bottom line: delivering new customer traffic to HFT. Michael rolled up his sleeves leveraging knowledge of modern marketing tactics and his knowledge of consumer behaviors specifically in audiences that fit the HFT customer profile to help define our campaign strategy. We’ve continued to work closely together to advance to segmentation of our campaigns to incorporate DMA and state geo-targeting which has improved our ability to more efficiently target HFT like customers. He frequently checks in with us regarding performance as well as bringing new ideas towards further optimization of our campaigns. HFT has been very pleased with our relationship with OIQ and Michael as our strategic partner.” February 8, 2012, Don Schamber, Director – Harbor Freight Tools

“Michael is my main contact at OwnerIQ and has become a trusted partner. From day one he has presented his services and his opinion in a clear and helpful manner. More than once advising on limiting budget. Very few vendors will tell you not to spend more – but he is focused on the best outcome and spending wisely is the basis for that. His knowledge of end consumers behavior and marketing techniques is very deep and he shares that without hesitation. He has always demonstrated high ethics and has creating a strategic relationship with us. Working with Michael is also fun, he has a great personality and has jumped to meet every request we have thrown at him. He is a fantastic business partner. I recommend him highly.” November 8, 2011, David Kaye, Sr. Product Manager – Web Services & eCommerce, Jawbone

“I had the pleasure of working with Michael when he first joined OwnerIQ. Michael has excellent presentation and people skills. He has the unique capability to simplify complex advertising and customer acquisition concepts. His attention to detail and follow-up are excellent. Michael always over delivered on his promises. I highly recommend Michael.” September 22, 2011, Andre Brysha, CMO – Ritz Interactive

“Michael serves as a volunteer leader with CEA. I have worked closely with Michael in that capacity and he is always ready to help and pitch-in as needed. He’s a heavy lifter. For example, Michael helped prepare a membership and marketing plan for CEA’s new Retailer Council. Michael is someone I know I can call on and count on to get it done. Michael’s also a thinker and he’s eager to provide insight and ideas, and then act on them. He’s good at relationship building and is well-connected in the industry. Michael makes things happen. He represents OwnerIQ well.” August 18, 2011, Kerry Moyer, Senior Director, Strategic Relations, Consumer Electronics Association

“This is the second occasion in which I’ve worked with Michael. The first was 18 years ago when he was a recent college graduate with a position at a firm representing Sony. I was impressed at the time with his ability and potential. Today, I work with Michael in two different capacities; one as an Advisory Board Member for OwnerIQ and another as the Board Chair of CEA’s Retailer Council where Michael serves as the Retailer Council’s Marketing Committee Co-chair. Michael’s skill set is diverse ranging from Marketing to Business Development to Strategy. His years of experience running and partnering with top brands provides him a deep understanding of consumer behavior (wants/needs) and the ability to connect brands/products with them. Michael’s problem solving skills are one his assets, solving problems with out-of-the-box solutions when others cannot. Michael’s integrity is high as he is very consistent and ethical in his business interactions.- JDB” August 4, 2011, Jay Buchanan, Electronics Divison Director, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Inc.

“I highly recommend Michael for his expertise in the area of consumer behavior and the associated marketing techniques for reaching them. Michael has a proven ability to connect with the decision makers in high profile companies, and present strategic solutions in a logical format. I know him to be a disciplined and highly ethical individual, and a great asset to the team at OwnerIQ.” July 6, 2011, Jim Feltman, CMO – Ferguson Industries; Advisory Board Member, OwnerIQ, Inc.

“Michael has proven to have the strategic vision and ability to execute programs that connect brands with consumers. Beyond delivering great results and focusing on the business needs, Michael provides thoughtful insights that can be used to develop richer marketing plans. He exhibits a high level of integrity and I have no reservation providing a glowing recommendation.” July 5, 2011, Darren Floyd, Vice President, Digital Media – D&M Holdings

“Michael is a thorough professional . From initial contact to guiding a program through to completion he has demonstrated excellent knowledge of his product and a sound ability to interact with different departments and people .” June 10, 2011, Pat Lavelle, President and CEO of Voxx International (Formally Audiovox)

“Michael Chass has the deepest knowledge of consumer electronics of anyone I know. He understands marketing, positioning, and selling; both the unchanging fundamentals and the latest, most powerful technology-enabled techniques. Because he can see the bigger picture, he uses his knowledge (and his considerable people skills) to deliver the most leveraged results. And Michael is a true master at appreciating the strategic signficance of potential relationships and at getting deals done that both sides can see as wins – before and after the deals are signed.” February 22, 2011, Paul Schrager, Vice President, Business Development, OwnerIQ


Chass Consulting

“I hired Michael as a Strategic Consultant while I was the Vice President & General Manager @ Magna International. At the time I was spearheading an innovation in “green” technology that would produce or cancel low frequency sound in automobile interiors. I was 18 months into the project and thought it would be a good idea to get a “fresh eyes” look at the technology & business plan. My difficulty was in finding someone who had executive level, Marketing, Sales and Product experience in consumer related business but also understood OEM and manufacturing. A long time business colleague recommended Michael. Michael’s understanding of consumer behavior, the market and business in general was very helpful for the audit. He is a fast learner, provided great insight and proved to be very helpful for the project. I recommend Michael as a consultant or to anyone looking for a seasoned executive.” August 4, 2009, David Lomasney, SVP and GM – Magna

“Mr. Chass scores high on all attributes, Linked in only allows 3. We look forward to doing additional work with Michael. He knows his stuff, he learns your stuff, he’s highly communicative about the process, and we got results.” October 20, 2008, Steve Krampf, President – Chestnut Hill Sound

“Michael Chass is a consummate professional in whom I have the utmost of confidence. He is driven, articulate, highly knowledgeable and vastly intelligent. When he brings these qualities to bear on a challenge, there is nothing that can stop him.
Michael has both intimate and in depth knowledge of the Consumer Electronic and OEM industries, but I’m confident that he could utilize his Management, Marketing and Sales skills in nearly any industry with success being virtually guaranteed. He is a tough negotiator, but has always been more than fair in every dealing that I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on.
I recommend Michael with utmost confidence, and know that he’ll continue to be an asset to all business partners, both present and future.” December 5, 2007, David Barlaam, Senior Recruiter, Sirius/XM

Vice President (GM & Executive Officer)

Rockford Corporation

“Michael and I have known each other a long time. He has excellent analytical skills and has the ability to look at the “big” picture. His knowledge in the consumer electronics business is great, but his skills can easily transfer into other areas.  Michael is a driven guy. He has the drive and passion to make it happen!” January 19, 2009, Bill Jackson, President, Rockford Corporation
managed Michael at Rockford Corporation

“I worked with Michael when i was president and chief executive officer of Rockford Corporation. We had known Michael for some time and followed his career in the industry. We recruited him from D&M to assist in the restructuring of the sales and marketing areas of the company. Michael also had extensive experience in the OEM market segment.
Michael is a smart, aggressive senior officer who can have substantial impact. He can balance the strategic with the immediate; has a good feel for the business model.” October 25, 2008, W Gary Suttle, President and CEO, Rockford Corporation

“I worked with Michael while I was the CFO/Vice President of Finance for Rockford Corporation. Michael was recruited away from D&M to work in conjunction with the executive staff as a change agent for Marketing, Sales, and OEM. As the CFO, I appreciated Michael’s sensitivity toward and knowledge of finance. Coupled with his drive for profit, these are skills sometimes lacking in Marketing & Sales Executives. Michael has the ability to focus on creating long term process and is very goal oriented. Once he locks in on a target, he tenaciously works toward getting it accomplished.” September 29, 2008, Richard Vasek, CFO, VP-Finance, Rockford Corporation

Vice President (GM & Executive Officer) Boston Acoustics and

D&M Holdings

“Michael is a self-starter who takes ownership in all he does. He’s strategic, effective and efficient in new business development. He quickly establishes relationships and wins accoldes from his customers. He’s profit oriented and trsutworthy in his business practices.” January 28, 2009,Vic Pacor, President CEO, D&M Holdings

“Michael has very sharp business mind and was the key driving force at Boston Acoustics as we worked to establish the BA brand in the OEM Auto industry. His experience in audio consumer electronics and branding strategies were key assets that allowed Boston Acoustics to position itself as the dominant brand of choice for DaimlerChrysler’s premium sound systems.” April 28, 2007, Allen Wellhoff, Operations Manager, Boston Acoustics

“Michael is a bright business person who quickly adapted to the Automotive OEM market place. His knowledge of the audio business and consumer electronics space were instrumental in driving the Automotive OEM business at Boston Acoustics / D & M.” April 22, 2007, Mark Horvath, Business Strategy Manager, Boston Acoustics

Vice President (GM & Executive Officer)

Boston Acoustics

“Although Michael did not report to me directly, I was very aware of his contributions to the growth of our Company. He was promoted from a field position where he served as the Sales Manager for a geographic region. His new position was Sales Manager and eventually Vice President in charge of our nascent OEM division. In that capacity Michael was instrumental in increasing our OEM business, first in the computer speaker area and subsequently in the Automotive OEM business. His success was due in large measure to his ability to gain the cooperation of other departmental executives in the Company and their staffs.” April 8, 2008, Andy Kotsatos, CEO – Boston Acoustics

“Michael is one of the most intelligent people I have met in the business world. He has a very quick mind and a high idea-frequency, is a strategic thinker and is very articulate. He is a great contributor to any team and, with his drive to achieve the desired result, will not rest until the team has reached the goal.
We are both high-energy people, and I have always enjoyed working with Michael; I am certainly grateful to have been on his side in business competition. He did much to increase the strength of the Boston Acoustics brand – to our mutual, corporate benefit – under his leadership.” February 26, 2008, Jeremy Goddard, Associate Director, Visteon

“I worked with Michael for several years in which Michael was supplying key product solutions to Gateway. His product expertise and true knowledge of the end consumer was phenomenal. Michael continuously brought my team at Gateway several different solutions to help enable Gateway to provide a truly differentiated product line to our consumers. His sales, marketing, and business skills are truly exceptional.” October 3, 2007, Heath Johnson, Director, Product Marketing, Gateway Computers, Inc

“Michael is an exceptional executive who is very passionate about doing what’s right and making the partner successful. He understands the OEM business inside out and is willing to work strategically to ensure a win-win situation for both parties involved. His knowledge in the computing, audio/video, and automotive businesses is amazing which makes him an incredible asset to any industry looking to increase there market share or grow the business leaps and bounds! I would highly recommend him to any executive level team.” April 22, 2007, Ameer Karim, Director, Worldwide Product Marketing, HP

“Michael and I worked very closely on the OEM business at Boston Acoustics. Michael is extremely capable, hard working and good to work with. Michael is also very smart and goal oriented. I reccomend him highly.” April 22, 2007, Michael Rudd, Vice-President for New Technology, Boston Acoustics Inc.